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Einfach zum Nachdenken

12. Dezember 2010

Today, I think, it is the highest time to show you the very difference between Adolf Hitler and the American government.

Lets talk about the „Nuklear Bomb“. The Nuklear Bomb was founded by the greatest German-German (deutsch.deutschen) physicists between
1940 and 1944 – And they all were very delighted. Just Adolf Hitler wasn’t delighted at all coz he knewed that you can’t use a nuklear bomb.

U have to know that Adolf Hitler’s mission was just a different one. His mission was, to conquer as many countries as it is possible.

Honestly, would you destroy a country with a nuclear bomb if you have the intention to take the very country as a win? – I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t!

Thats why Adolf Hitler suggested to lay all the nuklear bomb plans in stock, immediately, and appealed to his homies to concentrate just on
their main aim

At the time, the war was over, the American Governments with his troups did an invasion in Germany and Austria with the tag on there flagge „we help you“. but we all know „Appearances are deceptive“ … the truth: they were searching for the plans – FOR THE PLANS: HOW TO BUILD A NUCLEAR BOMB

Back in America, the first thing was to re-build the Nuclear Bomb and it was done by the Jews-German (juden.deutschen) physicists. The
Jews physicists, like most other imitators and copyright infringers, were not aware what such a bomb can do for them. So they have besought the American Government to let them make a test in Japan – Hiroshima should be a suitable destination.

The American greated a big lie by founding the story about Pearl Habour

Can you immagine? the have thrown the nuclear bomb on the Japanies Ground ONLY FOR A TEST

I guess, Now, even YOU have gained the knowledge about the difference between Adolf Hitler and the American Governments

BTW! Did you know, that all the Jewish bussiness workers were not working in World Trade Center on Sept. 11. 2001? Yes? … NO?

Bomb Voyage


this Text were written by ALfred Steiner []
and formated by myself

as the saying goes: Bomb Voyage